Tallum is a Swedish furniture company with the aim to reinvigorate objects by some of the most prominent Scandinavian modernists.

About us

Tallum was founded in 2018 by Johannes Norlander and Kim Lidman with the aim to reinvigorate objects made by some of the most prominent Scandinavian modernists. In Sweden, we have a rich history of architects designing furniture, something that has been neglected over time. Today we seldom see architects designing the interiors of their buildings due to commercial aspects, procurements or lack of knowledge. Tallum is a contemporary commentary on this with the aim to elevate some of the most interesting works done in the 20th century.


All our furniture is manufactured in Sweden. The main suppliers are located in the region of Småland, in the south part of Sweden. All furniture is assembled, adjusted and shipped from our factory in Slakthusområdet, just outside Stockholm. We collaborate with suppliers that can guarantee high quality and are driven in traditional craftsmanship and understands the treasure of originality. Since the design of the furniture is made in an era with different production techniques and standards than those of today, we invest in reviving lost knowledge and methods to guarantee the originality of the products.


Tallum is the official producer of furniture designed by Sigurd Lewerentz, Gunnar Asplund and Bernt Nyberg. All furniture are licensed and certified by the families of the architects. Their engagement is a prerequisite for us and a guarantee for achieving authenticity. Tallum has the exclusive right to manufacture and distribute the products on this website worldwide. We would like to thank the families for their trust, without their participation, Tallum would not have existed.